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beaulieu village primary school

Shared Journeys, Unique Memories


Come and meet the staff at our school.

Our Teaching Team


Headteacher: Mrs K. Jones, B.A. (Hons) Q.T.S.

Special Needs Co-Ordinator: Mrs C Richardson


Willow Class
Mrs R. Burt, B.A. (Hons) Q.T.S

Mrs Helen Doman

Redwood Class
Mrs Gillian Kersey


Chestnut Class

Mrs C Stroud

Oak Class
Miss Tracy Renyard

Picture 1 Mrs Jones
Picture 2 Mrs Richardson
Picture 3 Mrs Burt
Picture 4 Mrs Doman
Picture 5 Mrs Kersey
Picture 6 Mrs Stroud

Our Learning Support Assistants


Learning Support Assistants:
Mrs S. Brown
Mrs V. Kerr
Mrs J. Bowen
Mrs C. Kemp
Miss K. Hayes

Mrs E Tritten

Mr A Toomer


Picture 1 Mrs Brown
Picture 2 Mrs Kerr
Picture 3 Mrs Bowen
Picture 4 Mrs Kemp
Picture 5 Miss Hayes
Picture 6 Mrs Tritten
Picture 7 Mr Toomer

Our Support Staff


Pastoral Support, Family Link, ELSA:
Mrs K. Thorne

Mrs J. Read Administrative Officer
Mrs S. Conway Administrative Assistant

Mr P. Young Finance Officer

Picture 1 Mrs Thorne
Picture 2 Mrs Read
Picture 3 Mrs Conway
Picture 4 Mr Young

Clerk to the Governors

Lunchtime Supervisors
Miss K. Hayes
Mr Toomer

Mrs Tritten

Mr T. Hayes

Mrs Y. Lyashova
Mrs D. Kitcher