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Year 3/Year 4 – Otterwood

Welcome to Otterwood!


Throughout some of our great learning themes this year, we will be promoting our key learning powers.
Ask your child what each learning power means for their learning. We hope that children will demonstrate these learning powers in every lesson and special stars who demonstrate excellent learning powers will earn a place on our new learning wall in the hall.

Extreme Earth - Volcanoes


Linked to our themed learning, the children have made their own paper mache volcanoes. Today we were finally able  to watch them erupt with the help of vinegar, bicarbonate of soda and some red food colouring! The children used their science thinking to help explain what was happening inside their volcano. The children noticed that there had been a reaction between the vinegar and bicarbonate of soda, creating lots of bubbles and fizzing. Well done Otterwood, some super science work!





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Extreme Earth - Volcanoes

Extreme Earth - Volcanoes 1
Extreme Earth - Volcanoes 2
During art and display day, the children created their own volcanic eruption pictures. They took inspiration from Jackson Pollock and flicked paint to create their own volcanoes. The children also blew paint and glitter to create an eruption effect. Don't they look great! 

Summer 2 - Volcanoes Curriculum Overview

Rockbourne Roman Villa

Rockbourne Roman Villa  1
Rockbourne Roman Villa  2
Rockbourne Roman Villa  3
Rockbourne Roman Villa  4
Rockbourne Roman Villa  5
Rockbourne Roman Villa  6
Rockbourne Roman Villa  7
Rockbourne Roman Villa  8
Rockbourne Roman Villa  9
Rockbourne Roman Villa  10
Rockbourne Roman Villa  11
Rockbourne Roman Villa  12
Rockbourne Roman Villa  13
Rockbourne Roman Villa  14
Rockbourne Roman Villa  15
Rockbourne Roman Villa  16
Rockbourne Roman Villa  17
Rockbourne Roman Villa  18

Otterwood had a fantastic trip to Rockbourne Roman Villa this week, where we met Musa, one of the villa's owners! Unfortunately for us, Musa needed some new slaves and Otterwood were more than happy to take on this role. First Musa took us on a tour of the ruins to experience what it would have been like to live and work there. We then had to get to work completing jobs and tasks she had set for us. Some of us were teachers and had to make our own Roman ink. The teachers then used this to write their name and secret messages in Latin on a piece of papyrus. There was also a group of beauticians. They had the rather smelly job of creating a perfume for Musa to use when she was being washed in the bath house. Some children were cooks and enjoyed creating some delicious stuffed dates. We also had a group of artisans who needed to create a mosaic to replace the bathroom floor. Finally there was a group of weavers who had been asked to weave and create a new piece of material for Musa's cloak. Luckily, Musa was very happy with the work the children had completed and decided to set them all free rather than selling them at the local market! 


The children had a great day out and I was really impressed with the excellent behaviour and knowledge of the Romans the children showed throughout our morning - well done Otterwood. 


We would also like to say a huge thank you to all the parents, grandparents and other family members that came in to see our fantastic learning this afternoon. We hope you all enjoyed having a look at the children's brilliant work and trying some of our stuffed dates! Thank you for coming in to see us. 

Summer 1 Curriculum News - The Romans

Summer Term - Week 1

Welcome back everybody! The children started this week finding out about our new topic - The Romans. We talked about what we already knew about the Romans and the children came up with some interesting questions about what we wanted to find out about them. During art and display day, the children enjoyed using clay to create their own Romans coins. The children used Roman numerals to write the date and their birthday, Roman letters to write their name and looked carefully at each other's side profiles to add to their coins. Finally, the children spray painted their coins in gold or silver. These fantastic coins are now in the school reception, please do come in and have a look at them. The children also had a go at creating their own Roman portraits using tissue paper to bring their picture to life!


In maths this week the children have been developing their understanding of column addition with up to 4 digits. They have been extremely resourceful and used diennes to support their understanding of exchanging. The children showed great resilience when trying to solve a tricky card problem - you might like to explore this at home, can you make 200?


In English this week the children have been working hard to write thank you letters to Calshot. We had lots of fun sharing our favourite (and funny!) Calshot memories. The children spent lots of time reflecting on their first draft and should be extremely proud of the letters they have written, well done.


Roman coin display


Roman coin display

Roman Portraits

Roman Portraits 1

Calshot -Day 1


Wow, what a fantastic first day we have all had!  After meeting our instructors, we then spent some time getting settled into our new homes for our trip. Our first challenge of the day was making our beds! The children then enjoyed a tour of the site and a big lunch, ready for our first activity session in the afternoon. So far the children have enjoyed rock climbing, shooting, skiing and working as a team to complete the initiative course. We have been so pleased with the excellent 'can do' attitudes of the children and the resilience we have seen so far - well done Otterwood. After a fun filled afternoon, the children enjoyed making rockets using water - some of us enjoyed getting very wet! After all that excitement it was off to bed to get a good nights sleep before another busy day tomorrow. 


Calshot - Day 1

Calshot - Day 1 1
Calshot - Day 1 2
Calshot - Day 1 3
Calshot - Day 1 4
Calshot - Day 1 5
Calshot - Day 1 6
Calshot - Day 1 7
Calshot - Day 1 8
Calshot - Day 1 9

Calshot - Day 2


After an early start and a tasty breakfast we were ready to start another exciting day. Some of us started on the ringos, whilst others had a go at orienteering inside the main hanger. The children also had time to develop their climbing skills, with some children tackling the ‘living wall’ and the speed climb! In the afternoon, children had a go at skiing, the team swing and the initiative course. After a quick change and dinner, the children were ready for their evening activity – egg drop. The children had to work in a team to create something to protect an egg being dropped from a great height. The children designed some fantastic protective casings and enjoyed finding out whether their egg had survived the drop, well done Otterwood! 

Calshot - Day 2

Calshot - Day 2 1
Calshot - Day 2 2
Calshot - Day 2 3
Calshot - Day 2 4
Calshot - Day 2 5
Calshot - Day 2 6
Calshot - Day 2 7
Calshot - Day 2 8
Calshot - Day 2 9
Calshot - Day 2 10
Calshot - Day 2 11
Calshot - Day 2 12
Calshot - Day 2 13
Calshot - Day 2 14
Calshot - Day 2 15
Calshot - Day 2 16
Calshot - Day 2 17
Calshot - Day 2 18
Calshot - Day 2 19
Calshot - Day 2 20
Calshot - Day 2 21
Calshot - Day 2 22
Calshot - Day 2 23
Calshot - Day 2 24
Calshot - Day 2 25
Calshot - Day 2 26
Calshot - Day 2 27
Calshot - Day 2 28
Calshot - Day 2 29
Calshot - Day 2 30
Calshot - Day 2 31
Calshot - Day 2 32
Calshot - Day 2 33
Calshot - Day 2 34
Calshot - Day 2 35
Calshot - Day 2 36
Calshot - Day 2 37
Calshot - Day 2 38
Calshot - Day 2 39
Calshot - Day 2 40
Calshot - Day 2 41
Calshot - Day 2 42
Calshot - Day 2 43
Calshot - Day 2 44
Calshot - Day 2 45
Calshot - Day 2 46
Calshot - Day 2 47
Calshot - Day 2 48
Calshot - Day 2 49
Calshot - Day 2 50
Calshot - Day 2 51
Calshot - Day 2 52
Calshot - Day 2 53
Calshot - Day 2 54
Calshot - Day 2 55

Egg drop

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Egg drop 2

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Egg Drop 3

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Calshot - Day 3 


Our final day at Calshot saw the children take part in another ski session, where they had the chance to learn how to use a ski lift, ski backwards and even do the limbo! The children also enjoyed shooting and we were really impressed with the excellent coordination and accuracy the children showed. Our final activity for the day was the team swing. The children were strapped into a harness and enjoyed being dropped and swung from a great height. It was lovely to see the look of excitement on their faces as they swung through the air. 


We have had a fantastic three days away at Calshot and all the children should be extremely proud of themselves and what they have achieved. They showed excellent resilience, determination and teamwork skills and really gave everything a 150%! Well done Otterwood, what a brilliant way to end our half term, now time to rest and enjoy your holidays. 

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Curriculum Overview Spring 2 Plants