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Year 5/Year 6 – St Leonards

Welcome to St Leonards!


Throughout some of our great learning themes this year, we will be continuing to promote our key learning powers.


Ask your child what each learning power means for their learning. We hope that children will demonstrate these to support their learning. This year special stars for children who demonstrate excellent learning powers will earn their place on our new learning wall in the hall and will be celebrated in Fridays celebration assembly.




​Summer 1

This half term in St Leonards has been extremely busy; year 6 have been working hard ready for their SATs tests, year 5 have been creating information booklets on their chosen subject and we have competed in a rugby and rounders tournament.



SATs Breakfast

SATs Breakfast 1
SATs Breakfast 2
SATs Breakfast 3
SATs Breakfast 4
SATs Breakfast 5
SATs Breakfast 6
SATs Breakfast 7

Rugby Tournament

Rugby Tournament  1
Rugby Tournament  2
Rugby Tournament  3
Rugby Tournament  4
Rugby Tournament  5
Rugby Tournament  6

Rounders Tournament

Rounders Tournament 1
Rounders Tournament 2
Rounders Tournament 3
Rounders Tournament 4
Rounders Tournament 5