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Shared Journeys, Unique Memories

Bangers and Mash

Our children joined a group of older people from the village and surrounding area to enjoy a bangers and mash lunch rounded off with a game of bingo.


The older and younger generations chatted together over lunch and helped each other to try to be the first to shout “Bingo!


Stephen, aged 10, said: “It was brilliant fun. All of the older people talked to us and they were funny and kind.”


Erin, aged eight, added: "The bingo’s really fun, even if you don’t win!"


Our older guests thoroughly enjoyed themselves too.  Jan, herself a former pupil, described the afternoon as “delightful” and added that after “a few exciting games of bingo” with the pupils there was time to reminisce about times past. “Lots of stories and memories were exchanged! At least four generations of one of my friend’s family were educated at Beaulieu! Thank you to everyone for giving us such a wonderful afternoon.”


Headteacher, Katherine Jones, said: “Our children love this event. They get the chance to feel part of this very special community and they love the way the older people listen and have time for them. It's great to see the two generations enjoying one another’s company.”