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Chestnut (Yr 3/4)

Welcome to Chestnut

If you need some help or support with the Chestnut Class home learning, or if you would like to show Mrs Stroud or Mrs Cunningham what you have been doing, you can email them directly by clicking on Chestnut Home Learning.


Mrs Jones would also love to hear what you are doing, you can contact her at Mrs Jones' Mailbox.


Mrs Thorne, our ELSA, is also on hand to provide additional support if you need it. She can be contacted at Mrs Thorne's Mailbox.

Home Learning Week 5 - 18th May 2020


Hello everyone! We hope you've had a good week and are still managing to enjoy the lovely sunshine. We have really enjoyed chatting with our Chestnut family this week and have loved receiving lots of emails with pictures, videos and audio clips! We have had lots of lovely news from our Chestnut families including a new puppy, more baking, birthday bikes and some great robot designs linked to our English home learning. Thank you so much to everyone we have spoken to over the phone or has emailed us or used our Purple Mash blog to keep in touch - we really appreciate seeing all your great big smiles and hearing all about your adventures even when we can't be together! 


Below are the home learning activities that we would like you to have a go at. Please remember that all the activities are just a guide and we would really encourage you to pick and mix - do what works for you and your family! 


We have included some new English ideas based on a video clip called 'Something Fishy!' and more practical and exciting topic ideas. Don't forget to look back at the reading activity ideas that we put up last week and continue with your timestables rockstars, readtheory and reading eggs (if you have a login). 


Don't forget Mrs Cunningham is doing her story time on youtube and has started a new book called 'Marvin Redpost - Is He a Girl?' You can watch her videos here -


Maths home learning 


We would like the children to use the BBC bitesize website for their maths learning this week. There are worksheets that can be printed to go alongside each session if you would like to use them. Please follow the daily lessons for this week. 


Year 3 - (fractions)


Year 4 - (tenths and hundredths)

If you feel your child is struggling with the work set for their year group, please feel free to have a look back at the previous year group. 


Please do email us if you have any questions about the home learning or you would like to share any news/learning.


Keep safe and keep smiling smiley


Team Chestnut x 

Super Home Learning!

Ethan has been very busy at home and has created his own paper mache volcano which he enjoyed erupting today - isn't it great! If you fancy having a go at making your own volcano all you need is a plastic bottle, an old cereal box, newspaper and some water/glue/flour. Follow these easy instructions to create your own volcano - Then follow Ethan's expert advice to erupt your volcano!
Please keep sending us your lovely photos and videos, let us know if you want us to share them on our page :)
Keep safe and smiling, Mrs Stroud and team Chestnut x

Home learning Week 4 (11.05.20)


Thank you for the kind photo message from some of you.  It was lovely to see your smiling faces! We miss you too :-) 


Under this message we have put all the home learning for this week including some new English ideas, a topic page of exciting ideas and some new fun reading activities to try.  


Don't forget to keep up with your reading online (Read Theory or Reading Eggs) and also learning your times tables by using Times Tables Rockstars.


For maths this week we would like you to continue to use The White Rose Hub daily activities which are from week 3- week beginning 04.05

Year 3

Year 4

(If you feel your child is really struggling with the maths for their year group then do feel free to explore week 3 for the year below). 


I've also now finished reading The Polar Bear Explorer's Club but it's all still online if you want to catch up with it.  From tomorrow I will be reading a new book, so do watch the video below to find out more then join me for storytime to hear it:


Love Mrs Cunningham and the Chestnut Team. 

Our new story

Still image for this video
Find out what our new book is.

Online Safety

ParentZone are offering 3-month FREE membership to their Digital Resilience Programme Membership which offers resources for parents, plus unlimited access to the Parent Lounge, which is a specialist area just for parents packed full of resources to help families boost children's digital resilience and keep them safer online. This is for parents/carers to stay engaged and connected, to support them through school-closure.

Link to This site has lots of resources, covering a range of themes including how to discuss the virus with your child and online safety. Option to sign up for their free newsletter.

Link to


Thinkuknow The links provided aim to support families with managing isolation, well-being, home-education and behaviour – they include a colourful activity worksheet for younger children which explores the virus and their feelings, and new 15 minute online safety activity packs from ThinkUknow.

Link to



If you enjoy Harry Potter, why not visit - Each week a famous face will be reading a chapter of Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone. This week the first chapter has been read by Harry Potter himself - Daniel Radcliffe! There are also lots of different challenges to try after you have listened to the chapter, including quizzes, secret quests and writing challenges. These can be found here -


Happy listening! 


Mrs Stroud and team Chestnut x

Home Learning Week 3 - 4th May 2020


Hello Chestnut! We hope you have all had a great week and have managed to dodge the showers. We have really enjoyed receiving your pictures and videos showing us what you have been up to over the week - they have really brought a smile to our faces! Please keep sending us emails and using our class blog on purple mash. We are really missing you all!


Don't forget Mrs Cunningham is continuing to read The Polar Bears Explorers' Club on youtube everyday - a real treat. You can find the videos here -


Below are the documents and links for this week's home learning. Stay safe and keep smiling smiley


Team Chestnut x

Maths Home learning Week 3


For maths home learning this week we would like the children to use the White Rose Hub website. Each week there are 4 lessons and a Friday maths challenge to try. Each session has a supporting video, activity to try and answers to check children's learning. Children should spend between 20 and 30 minutes on each session. We have been using the White Rose Hub resources in school so the children should be used to models and pictures that are used in the online resources. This week we would like the children to complete  the sessions for SUMMER TERM - WEEK 2 27TH APRIL. These sessions can be found at the bottom of the page with the date in a pink header. Please share your learing with us using the class email address.


Year 3 -

Year 4 -

Home Learning Week 2 (27.04.20)

Hope you've had a lovely weekend.  Here are the next few bits to have a look at this week.  We have loved seeing the videos, photos and work that you've emailed across to us.  Do keep in touch. 

Friday 24th April

Have you had a look at our blog yet?  It's a great way to stay in touch with your friends, share pictures and chat about what you are up to.  Look at the document below for how to do it. 

Thursday 23rd April


Do you fancy having a go at learning a language or improving your french?  Have a look at this website, it's brilliant!


Monday 20th April


Hi Chestnut class! 

We hope you had a fun Easter holiday and that you have been able to enjoy all the sunshine.  We have really enjoyed reading some of your emails and we will be replying to them this week. Do continue to send us in any photos or messages, we love to get them. 


Work wise for the next few weeks this is what is going to happen. (You may want to get your parents to have a look at this bit).


Maths- We are expecting you to keep logging on daily to Times Tables Rockstars (remember you can challenge other people in the class) and each week we will put up a new maths activity sheet for you to work through on the website.  There are also lots of maths activities on Purple Mash so have a look under the Maths section of the site and get exploring. 


English- We expect you to be logging on to Read Theory each day and working through a couple of different texts as well as enjoying the range of stories that you can listen to free on audible or just share some stories in your families.  Remember Mrs Cunningham is continuing to read The Polar Bear Explorers' Club tomorrow on You Tube (  We are also attaching a document on the website with lots of exciting reading ideas for you to try as well.  Each week we will also upload a different set of writing ideas to keep you busy.


Topic- Each week we will put out a new topic overview on the website with lots of different ideas which you can have a go at for lots of the other subject areas.  Have an investigate and have a try at some of the ideas, they are all good fun.  


Also keep looking out for different links and ideas which we will continue to post on this page throughout the week.  Remember if you need any help or what to get in touch them either just email us or put something on the class blog on Purple Mash.  



Chestnut Team 

Thursday 02.04.20

It was lovely to chat to lots of families this week.  Many of you mentioned that you are missing out on football at the moment.  If you are then there is group online that run skills sessions (which can be done inside) on Tuesdays and Thursday evenings live at 6pm. Just get your parents to look up "Stay at home football coaching" on facebook.  

Wednesday 01.04

Hello everyone!  We are really enjoying receiving emails from you letting us know some of the exciting learning you have been able to do.  Today I discovered that by using google you can get 3D images of a range of animals in your own home.  We would like to challenge you to see if you can take a photograph of yourself with a 3D animal and email it to us.  It looks really fun, so far I've tried a tiger and a penguin.  Look up an animal and under the search results you will see 'view in 3D', then click the 'view in your space' to see the animal in your home.  


Also don't forget to tune in to story time.  I'm recording a really good bit this afternoon!

Monday 30th March


Good morning Chestnut! We hope you have had a lovely weekend and have managed to enjoy some of the sunshine. I have updated purple mash with some more home learning tasks.



Please create a book review for your favourite book using the template on purple mash!



Year 3 - super prefix. Please also have a go at the dictation and look, cover, write check to help you learn these spellings

Year 4 - gue and que endings. Please also have a go at the dictation and look, cover, write check to help you learn these spellings



This week we would like the children to recap their shape learning. Please have a go at labelling 2D and 3D shapes, identifying lines of symmetry and identifying acute and obtuse angles. You could then try spotting 2D and 3D shapes in your home and garden. Can you create a pattern using these shapes? What about creating a symmetrical pattern using objects around your house? Can you spot any obtuse and acute angles around your home and garden? We would love to see any pictures of your shape hunts around your home. Please send any photos to our Chestnut class email.



Linked to our geography learning this half term, we would like the children to create an information page about the Ivory Coast. You might include where in the world it is located, the capital city, human and physical features of the country and what the climate is like. We look forward to reading your interesting facts! If you would rather create a factfile about another cocoa producing country please use the blank factfile template.


Please continue to use your reading eggs, read theory and times tables rockstars logins to support your home learning. We would love to hear about what you have been up to and are looking forward to seeing you soon.

Stay safe,

Team Chestnut

A message to Chestnut class from Jennifer Killick

Still image for this video
An exciting video just for our class from the wonderful Alex Sparrow author, Jennifer Killick. (She loved the letters you wrote!)

Wednesday 25.03.20

We hope you are enjoying the sunshine and managing to have a go at some of our non-screen activities that will get you out in your gardens.  Don't forget that if you are wanting to listen to a story then each day (Monday to Friday) I am up loading a new chapter of the great book below, The Polar Bear Explorers' Club by Alex Bell.  It's full of adventure and fun with some great characters, so if you want to listen then just click on this link:

Picture 1

Tuesday 24.03.20

Look below at the message we got from Jennifer Killick, the author of Alex Sparrow and who we wrote to on World Book Day.  She also sent me some more exciting news, but I'm not going to reveal that just yet, so watch this space...

Picture 1

Tuesday 24.03.20


Hi everyone.  I thought it would be nice to set up a class blog where you can talk to other people that you might be missing.  I have set it up in Purple Mash and if you look at the document I've attached you can see details about how to add comments on to it.  

Monday 23.03.20

Story time

You know how much I love reading stories. I've decided to read one to you even though you are not in school and will try to read a chapter a day Monday- Friday.  Follow this link and see the book that I've chosen:

Monday 23.03.20

Hi everybody.  We hope you are all keeping well and that you have managed to do some kind of home based learning today.  I tried to do the Joe Wicks PE challenge this morning from 9-9.30 with my own children at home.  It was exhausting, but I really recommend it as a way to wake yourself up and get active this week.  Click below to access the daily workout:

I also made an exciting discovery for all our year 4s who are reading Varjak Paw.  There is a teacher, Phil Wickins, who is reading a chapter of this out loud each day, starting today.  If you fancy listening to it being read then follow this link:

(Year 3s, it's a great book so you may want to listen it just to hear a fantastic story). 

Mrs C


Today in school Chestnut class worked together to come up with a list of activities which they could do independently (although I'm still not completely convinced by the slime making).  The main criteria they had to work to was that they had to be activities which didn't involve using a screen or technology.  They had a massive collection of ideas which we are going to share as a document on here so there is no chance of anyone saying they are bored at home and so that any parents who are trying to also work from home can have some time where the children can be independent. 

Welcome to Chestnut Class

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