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Our curriculum is inspirational, designed to fire our children’s curiosity and love of learning. 

It is underpinned by our values and our “Heart Smart” approach and makes the most of our beautiful and historic setting, our place at the heart of our village community and the family feel of our school.

We pride ourselves on knowing our children “inside out” and using this knowledge to individualise learning.  Our children build strong relationships within our school family but also learn to be uniquely themselves.

Through our nurturing environment we teach our children to have courage, be kind and shine.  They also learn about leadership, with all our children being supported to take up positions of responsibility before they leave us.

A culture of excellence underlies our curriculum.  Learning in each subject is a “journey to excellence.”  We have high expectations of all our children and strive to capture and celebrate excellence from each of them.  We teach children about the importance of effort and resilience.

Children’s learning and teachers’ understanding of children are strengthened immeasurably when we are able to work in close partnership with parents and carers. Our school has an "Open Door" policy and we warmly welcome questions and feedback about what children are learning through informal conversations with parents at the end of the school day.  Teachers provide information about what children are learning each half term and curriculum evenings and workshops take place every year. Ensure we set out in our accessibility plan how school will increase the extent to which disabled pupils participate.

Each subject is led by a member of staff with knowledge and passion about that subject.  Our teachers use teaching approaches which are rooted in research and as a staff we keep up to date with current thinking and constantly reflect on our practice.

We follow the National Curriculum for all subjects and make use of some published schemes to support our planning. 

Schemes which support our curriculum

Children in the Early Years and in Key Stage One follow the Little Wandle programme to support their phonics learning and learning to read

To help support the teaching of spelling we use the Bridge to Spelling programme

To help support the teaching of maths and science we use the White Rose Education

To support our  teaching of computing we use Purple Mash

To support our music teaching we use Kapow Primary 

To support our teaching of French and Spanish we use Language Angels 

HeartSmart supports our personal, social, emotional and health education

To support our teaching of PE we use Primary PE Planning

If you have any questions about our curriculum, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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