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Redwood (Yr 1/2)

Welcome to Redwood

If you need some help or support with the Redwood Class home learning, or if you would like to show Mrs Kersey or Mrs Buckmaster what you have been doing, you can email them directly by clicking on Redwood Home Learning.


Mrs Jones would also love to hear what you are doing, you can contact her at Mrs Jones' Mailbox.


Mrs Thorne, our ELSA, is also on hand to provide additional support if you need it. She can be contacted at Mrs Thorne's Mailbox.

Ruby, Blue and Blanket read by Mrs Roper

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Book share with Mrs Buckmaster

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Miss M's Story

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Storytime with Mr Toomer

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Storytime with Mrs Roper

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Mrs Roper read The Slightly Annoying Elephant

Mrs Roper reads Shifty McGifty

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Mrs Roper reads Monkey Puzzle

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It's Mrs Kerr Sharing a Book with You!

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George and the Dragon story read by Mrs Jones

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Invisible String story read by Mrs Roper

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Online Safety

ParentZone are offering 3-month FREE membership to their Digital Resilience Programme Membership which offers resources for parents, plus unlimited access to the Parent Lounge, which is a specialist area just for parents packed full of resources to help families boost children's digital resilience and keep them safer online. This is for parents/carers to stay engaged and connected, to support them through school-closure.

Link to This site has lots of resources, covering a range of themes including how to discuss the virus with your child and online safety. Option to sign up for their free newsletter.

Link to


Thinkuknow The links provided aim to support families with managing isolation, well-being, home-education and behaviour – they include a colourful activity worksheet for younger children which explores the virus and their feelings, and new 15 minute online safety activity packs from ThinkUknow.

Link to

Monday 13th July

WOW! What a year! Congratulations if you are still continuing with home schooling and looking at this page again! You have all been amazing and we are grateful for your patience, resilience and thoughtfulness. It is the final week! You can relax and celebrate! It was lovely to see the Year 1 on Microsoft Teams despite all the technical hitches! We are hoping to meet with Y2 this week, so fingers crossed!  We are also looking forward to welcoming Year 2 back into school next week and we will make sure we have a wonderful time just being together. So here goes...


Whiterose Maths


Year 1: TIME

Year 2: TIME


Oak Academy


Letters and Sounds Youtube Channel

Week 5

Lesson 23 – oe - toe

Lesson 24 – u - music

Lesson 25 – ow - snow

Lesson 28 – ou - shoulder

Lesson 29 – ea - feather


Purple Mash (please ensure spelling quiz and dictation is completed) smiley


Its free! Just register and get reading!


Monday 6th July

Hello Everyone!

Looking forward to seeing and hearing from you on Microsoft Teams this week. We are a little nervous about it so let's just hope it goes smoothly. Please could we ask you to mute your microphone when you join the meeting and we will unmute you when it is your turn to speak. We hope the home learning is going well, please keep going with the Oak Academy and White Rose Maths, as well as the phonics for Y1. Just click the links below if it is easier but you can also open up the word document for the weeks learning. We really appreciate what you are doing and know that it may not always be easy. But as a team we will work it out and support your children to be happy and safe when they come back to us. Have a lovely week!

Mrs Kersey and Mrs Buckmaster


Oak Academy


Oxford Reading Owls - free to register!


White Rose Maths


Letters and Sounds You Tube Channel

Week 4

Lesson 15 – ou

Lesson 18 – wh

Lesson 20 – a – apron

Lesson 21 – o-e phone

Lesson 22 – er


Monday 29th July

What a scorcher of a week! The boys and girls in school have enjoyed the sunshine but have needed to drink plenty of water, wear hats and suncream and keep cool in the shade too. Hope you enjoyed the sunshine! Only three more weeks of home learning then officially you hit the summer holidays. Keep going families, you are doing a brilliant job! Like last week, I am going to post the websites but as always you can open up the word document which says Week Beginning 29th June, this outlines all the home learning for this coming week. Keep in touch!

Mrs Kersey and Mrs Buckmaster

English - please follow Oak Academy


Maths Whiterose


Oxford Reading Owls - free to register!



Letters and Sounds for Home Learning

Week 3

Lesson 12 – ea/ee

Lesson 14 – er

Lesson 17 – ph

Lesson 16 – oy

Lesson 19 – au


Home Learning Week Beginning 22nd June

Hi Everyone,

Hope you all spoiled your dads this weekend and had a fun day! This week I am going to post the links for home learning on this page but you can still access all the links when you open the word document too. Just thought it might be quicker for some of you. We are still receiving emails and photos from you all and just love to see you and hear about your adventures! The Year 1 Bubble is going well and it has been so nice to actually see some real children in the flesh!! So here are the links:

Oak Academy:


White Rose Maths


Letters and Sound YouTube Channel


Oxford Owl Reading Books (ebooks)

Home Learning week beginning 15th June

Still image for this video
Support from Mrs Kersey.

Monday 15th June

This week we are going to be celebrating the Queen's official birthday and thanking our dads on Father's Day on Sunday 21st June. Here's hoping this week the rain will ease and we will be able to continue learning and playing as much as possible in the outdoors. Our Redwood School Bubble began this week and we would like to say thank you to our families who followed the Health and Safey guide lines and a big thank you to the children who were amazing and very sensible. Sooooo....we are adding a new dimension to our Home Learning and this is especially for Y1 but Y2 you would benefit from this too. We are going to be doing daily phonic lessons via a YouTube channel based on Letters and Sounds. We have listed in our word document what lessons we would like you to do each day. Follow the link and then select the required lesson that we have scheduled for your child

Have a good week everyone and keep posting emails, photos and learning. It just makes our day!

Best Wishes

Mrs Kersey and Mrs Buckmaster

Monday 8th June

We hope you have had a good week and are able to access the home learning from this page. Let's hope the weather stays warm and dry so we can get outside as much as possible. Keep in touch!

Mrs Kersey and Mrs Buckmaster

Monday 1st June

Welcome Back! What a wonderful half term week of glorious sunshine! We hope you had a fantastic time and a break from home learning! blush

As usual we will upload the home learning for 1st June on our word document below as well as any resources that you will need. Please note that we are now able to upload the White Rose maths worksheets that go along with the teaching video and will post these for you each week on our class page.

Keep reading and Keep Smiling! Enjoy meeting loved ones and close friends. Remember to be kind to yourself. 

Have a wonderful week!

Mrs Kersey and Mrs Buckmaster

Friday 22nd May


Hello to all our lovely families!

We just wanted to wish you a lovely, sunny half term and hope you are all okay. We will be posting more home learning on Monday 1st June.


Take Care Everyone

Mrs Kersey and Mrs Buckmaster

Monday 18th May

Hello Everyone,

Time is certainly flying by as we head into another week of home learning. We hope you are all well and making the most of these unusual times. Mrs Buckmaster and Mrs Kersey are missing you all, so thank you for your positive messages, it really means a lot to us.

As you look at the home learning this week, we wanted to highlight a couple of things that have changed.

Whiterose Maths

At present, the activity sheets linked to the videos are not available but please still do the video as there are many opportunities for you to pause and practice the mathematics. It is a fantastic resource and the models will be very familiar to your children. There are also links to BBC Bitesize that complement the learning.


We are adding some different reading and writing activities that can be recorded in their home learning books. There are some tasks the children can do independently but will need support at the beginning with reading the story.

Please if possible take time to do some of the activities, we are putting a lot out there, so there is plenty of choice for you. However, we are not expecting you to do it all but if you want to go for it!  Thank you.

Monday 11th May


Hello to all our lovely families. We hope you enjoyed commemorating VE day! Don't forget to send us any photos or emails about your home learning experiences. The weather has been glorious and we hope you have made the most of the sunshine. We are attaching home learning for this week below and it will follow a similar format each week. I just want to highlight the The Oxford Reading Owls website, where you can access on line levelled reading books. Please practice reading and if any of you are assigned to Reading Eggs (you know who you are!) we would like to encourage you to do this daily. It will make a big difference. Enjoy your week!


Best Wishes 


Mrs Kersey and Mrs Buckmaster

Monday 4th May

Hello to our families,

We hope you are all doing well and thank you for telling us about your adventures. After several weeks of home learning we are beginning to filter through many of the on-line resources and getting our head round this unique situation. Having discussed best websites with colleagues we are going to recommend the ones we would like you to use, as there has been so much help out there.


We are going to update our home learning page weekly and will enclose a word document outlining details for the home learning for that week. Please read through as this is where we will recommend the websites for your child’s learning. We hope this will be more useful and easily accessible for you.


We are also going to add a “Cracking Ideas Topic” page that focuses on the other foundation subjects that you might like to try with your child.


As always, we understand everyone is in a unique situation and we appreciate all that you are doing. But please be kind to yourselves, there are going to be good days and some bad ones. If there is one thing you can do, please read with your child. We now have access to levelled reading books on-line, which you will be able use with your child and all the information will be located on the home leaning word document. Have a wonderful week!

Monday 20th April

Hello Everyone! We are back and raring to go! We do hope you had a fantastic Easter Break and enjoyed much of the sunshine!

As always we have been busy preparing some home learning for you all. The home learning we have planned for is for the next two weeks. It is really important that you decide how much your child does but we are putting lots of activities out there for you with no expectation of having to do it all. However please keep reading and if you can, tackle some of the maths learning!  So here goes….



We have continued to add more 2Do activities on Purple Mash this week so check it out!


Please continue with the spelling practice on Purple Mash and below are the dictation sentences that you can use to check how well your child has remembered the spelling pattern/rule. Dictations are added below



The Hampshire Music Service have put together some music lessons for you called One Hit Wonders so take a look at the power point below.






We are uploading the next Maths Mat 3 and 4 for your child to practice and learn.

Also for Year 2 please could you complete Test 7 for the Maths/Reading SATs home learning books.


Please, please, don’t forget the Whiterose maths home learnng link...............

We are now in Summer 1 so look for the week commencing 20th April! They are really good!




Our science learning this term is all about animals and we would like you to learn about classification of animals such as birds, mammals and amphibians etc....BBC Bitesize is an excellent resource to get you started.

We hope you have a wonderful 2 weeks and enjoy the outdoors as much as you can. Look forward to hearing how you are all getting on. Stay safe and we will be in touch soon.

Lots of Love

Mrs Kersey and Mrs Buckmaster

Friday 3rd April

Dear Year 1 and 2,


Hope you are all well? We have been missing you all so much and it has been so lovely to receive your messages and posts on our year group blogs. We just wanted to say a big WELL DONE to you all and remind you to say thank you to your parents for working with you.


The weather has been glorious so we hope you have had lots of time playing in your gardens.

We both would like to wish you and your family a fun and Happy Easter. We will be back in touch on Monday 20th April.

With best wishes


Mrs Kersey and Mrs Buckmaster

Monday 30th March

Morning All,

We hope you have had a restful weekend. We are going to upload another maths mat which you might want to try this week with your children. Don't forget to look out for Story Time with David Walliams. Don't forget to Blog on Purple Mash and post photos and share with your friends things you have been up to. Try to do the spelling dictation sentences. You do not need to print them out but just read the sentences to the children for them to write and practice their spellings.

Also we have set a new list of 2Do activities starting from today on Purple Mash. We are enjoying seeing their scores and results!


Year 2 - Please can you do Test 6 in your Maths and Reading SATs home learning books. Parents please can you check and mark, as the answers are in the back of the books.


Thursday 26th March

Dear All,

We have set up a class blog on Purple Mash so that your child can keep in contact with their class friends and us. All blogs will be read first by ourselves before they are posted.

To access the Year 1 or Year 2 class blog, logon to Purple Mash. Click on Sharing, then Shared Blogs. You will see Year 1 Class Blogs or Year 2 Chatterbugs. Click on this and you will be able to read any blogs which have been posted and approved by us. Your child can add their own blog for the teacher and class to see by clicking on the green + tab. A box will then appear where your child can add a fun title, summary and message. Remember to save the post! We look forward to  keeping in contact with your children. HAPPY BLOGGING!


It's been brilliant that some of you have been using Purple Mash and we can see all activities that you have been using from your 2DO list.

Not all the activities have an option for teachers to comment on but when we can, it will appear in your ALERT folder. We can see all your scores and results, so keep it up!


We will be uploading more Maths Activity Mats on Monday so remember to keep checking our class page!


Wednesday 25th March

Hello Children and Parents,

We hope you are all staying well and enjoying the beautiful weather in your gardens and enjoying home learning with your families. We miss you all so much. Just wanted to signpost you to the following maths website below:

White Rose Hub Maths

As a school, we use 'White Rose Maths' activities to support and enhance our maths teaching and learning. The White Rose Hub are putting together home learning resources; including worksheets, video guides and answers, for each year group. It is really worth checking out! Please keep checking back onto 'White Rose Hub Maths; as more will be added, weekly for home learning. Hope this helps.


Also we are sure you are aware by now that Joe Wicks is doing a daily PE session every  morning. Enjoy keeping fit with your children! 


Mrs Kersey's/Mrs Buckmaster's Messages

Week Beginning 23rd March, please can all of Y2 complete Test 5 in their reading and maths SATs books.

Please take note of all the documents we have uploaded on this websitre. Many of these activities are ongoing and can be explored by the children. There is no set date for these to be finished. However on  Purple Mash there will be some 2Do activities which  would like completed and we will update this fortnightly. Also make the most of the time with your children to do craft, cooking, gardening and sewing! (Please see the Home Learning support letter for more ideas) We hope this will be a positive and enjoyable experience for all.

Best Wishes and hopefully see you soon!

Mrs Kersey and Mrs Buckmaster,

P.S. The Science is for both Year Groups not just Y2

Oliver Jeffers! Famous Author Reads a story every night! Take a look and listen to a book!

Long Term Curriculum Plan

Help your child learn their times tables with these fun sing-a-long songs!

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