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I am a mother of two and became a Parent Governor in October 2021.


I'm extremely passionate about how children learn best. Not only what they learn, but also the environment and support they have around them when they learn. Like adults, I strongly believe that children learn best when they feel listened to, heard, understood, safe and surrounded by people they can trust. There is a lot of pressure on children, parents, teachers and school staff nowadays and I am delighted to be involved in offering my personal experience and skill set to provide any additional support I can to Beaulieu Village School in the role of Parent Governor.


I have always been passionate about people and communication and have a strong interest in mental health, diversity, the environment and the way children learn. I became a Mental Health First Aider in 2019 which enabled me to learn more about the issues that can arise due to poor mental health and how best to support people. 


Prior to having my children and setting up ‘bump & glide', my background was in Communication, PR, Events and Human Resource based roles, both in the U.K and in France, within the luxury goods industry. I spent my childhood in Kent, moving to Belgium when I was 9 then to France at 11 where I spent the rest of my education.


With ‘bump & glide’ I provide much needed support to expectant and new parents in the shape of perinatal courses, and to organisations in terms of how best to support pregnant women, those on maternity leave and those returning to the workplace. If parents feel supported, and heard, at such a huge transitional time, it has a positive ripple effect on the family unit and thus the community as a whole.