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beaulieu village primary school

Shared Journeys, Unique Memories


Come and meet the staff at our school.

Our Teaching Team


Headteacher: Mrs K. Jones, B.A. (Hons) Q.T.S.

Special Needs Co-Ordinator: Mrs R. Burt


Willow Class
Mrs Rachael Burt, B.A. (Hons) Q.T.S

Mrs Helen Doman

Redwood Class
Mrs Gill Kersey


Chestnut Class

Mrs Helen Doman

Miss Lucy French

Oak Class
Mrs Ellie Giron


Music Teacher

Mr Martin Riddy

PE Teacher

Miss Katie Hayes

Picture 1 Mrs Jones
Picture 2 Mrs Burt
Picture 3 Mrs Doman
Picture 4 Mrs Kersey
Picture 5 Mrs Stroud
Picture 6 Miss Hayes

Our Learning Support Assistants


Learning Support Assistants:
Mrs S. Brown
Mrs V. Kerr
Mrs J. Bowen

Mr A. Toomer

Ms H. White

Ms K. Crook

Mrs S Conner


Picture 1 Mrs Brown
Picture 2 Mrs Kerr
Picture 3 Mrs Bowen
Picture 4 Mr Toomer

Our Support Staff


Pastoral Support, Family Link, ELSA:
Mrs K. Thorne

Mrs S. Conway Administrative Assistant

Mrs L. Jones Administrative Assistant

Mrs S. Roberts Business Manager

Picture 1 Mrs Thorne
Picture 2 Mrs Conway

Clerk to the Governors
Jane Baker

Lunchtime Supervisors
Miss K. Hayes
Mr Toomer

Mr T. Hayes

Mrs Y. Lyashova
Mrs D. Kitcher