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Willow (Yr R/1)

Welcome to Willow Class!

If you need some help or support with the Willow Class home learning, or if you would like to show Mrs Burt or Mrs Doman what you have been doing, you can email them directly by clicking on Willow Home Learning.


Mrs Jones would also love to hear what you are doing, you can contact her at Mrs Jones' Mailbox.


Mrs Thorne, our ELSA, is also on hand to provide additional support if you need it. She can be contacted at Mrs Thorne's Mailbox.

Tuesday 31st March

Good morning Willow.

We hope you have been able to get out in your garden and enjoy the sunshine.  It has been lovely to see some of your completed work from the '2Dos' on Purple Mash. Where possible, we have made a comment about work we have received, so please take a look. We have put a few examples of children's Purple Mash learning on the 'Display Board' which can be found under 'Sharing' on the home page. It would also be lovely if your child could use the Purple Mash Blog to send a message to their class friends, They can find this under 'Sharing' on the home page, then 'Shared Blogs', 'Willow Class Blog'. We will check and authorise these before they are posted for all to see, so please don't expect it to appear immediately.


Our focus over these last two weeks has been chicks, the farm, Easter and new life (see learning previously attached on 20/03/20 under home learning below and the 2Dos set through Purple Mash). There are a few new '2Dos' on Purple Mash to be completed, so please check your 2Dos. Could you all also go into 'Mini Mash' and explore the 'pins' that have been set up about 'Farms', 'Chicks' and 'Easter'  As 'Mini Mash' tasks cannot be set as '2Dos' please see the attached Word document dated Tuesday 31st March, with instructions on how to access these through Purple Mash. We look forward to seeing some of this learning saved in the Mini Mash 'farm' tray, particulary the farmer Mashcam!  Instructions on how to save into a tray are also on the attached Word document.


Please also continue with the learning detailed on the 'Home Learning Guidance' dated 20/03/20 which supports your child's learning through tasks not set on Purple Mash. Remember to do some daily phonics (using the link below), some maths and to try and write everyday (as per home learning guidance). It would be lovely to see some photographs of this learning on Tapestry. We have enjoyed seeing some of the learning and comments you have already put onto Tapestry. Thank you.


Thank you also for the emails we have already received through our new 'Willow Home learning' (see link above).  It has been a real delight to see all the 'other' learning that has taken place at home, so please keep these coming. It helps cheer us up as we love to find out about what you have been up to. Please remember, you can use this email address if you need some help or guidance on the home learning too.


We are missing all being together. We hope that you and your family are keeping safe and like us that you are also enjoying some extra family time together that we don't usually get!

The Willow Team





Hi Willows,

It has been lovely to see some of the Tapestry photos and videos of the children this week...we do miss you all!

We have enjoyed seeing some of the Purple Mash activities too.


To promote and remember our phonics learning this year, we would like the children to watch some of the phase 3 phonic Bitesize clips on the internet - these clips are fun and only take a minute to watch.  If you press the arrow - it will take you to a quiz about that sound to reinforce the learning.  Maybe do one a day!  (see link below) 


Hello all smiley


Thought this looked like fun!   '20 vegetables you can grow from scraps!'

You could test out re-growth from scraps and then observe the progress over time....maybe record changes through video diary, photo or drawings and labels.




Spread some joy!

If you are feeling creative - lots of children are painting/drawing rainbows and displaying them in their windows of their homes to cheer up people who are walking by!  If you go for a walk - how many rainbows can you spot?






Hi everyone,

Hope you are keeping well and have enjoyed the sunshine today. 

We have been attempting the Joe Wicks PE challenge from 9-9.30 with our own children at home.  It was tiring, but fun and a great way to start the day for the whole family.  Some of the moves could be quite challenging for the little ones - but even if they attempt it and keep moving, it will keep them active.


Click below to access the daily workout:




Your children have been amazing during this last week and we have seen some lovely collaborative play and learning. We've had obstacle courses, castles, rockets, pirate ships and peacocks being created, along with flags, signs and story books being written. It has been wonderful to see how their confidence and independence has really shone through. We've been so proud of them.


Over the next few weeks, we are sure you and your child will have fun as you carry on their learning at  home. Please look at the home learning guidance below and the letter enclosed in your home learning pack for how you can help your child with the activities we have set. Supporting resources are also found on this class page. It is intended that these activities will be carried out over the next few weeks and that we will change them over time, so please keep checking this page for updates.


Some of your child's learning will also be through 'Purple Mash'. Please log on to Purple Mash and look at the '2Dos' which you will be able to access on the home page. The first activities set have been detailed on the home learning guidance; so that your child knows what to do. We will update these 2Dos over the course of time while the school is closed.

There are plenty of additional learning activities that can be found on 'Mini Mash', which the children can do for fun.


We have not 'set a timetable' as we would like you to complete the tasks in a relaxed way which suits you and your child.The home learnng guidance, 2Dos on Purple Mash and the letter enclosed in your home learning packs are activities we would really expect your child to do. The other additional learning activities are optional but recommended. Please read with your child regularly (at least 4 times a week if possible) and read to your child discussing the book and vocabulary. It is important for your child's continued progress to do the suggested 'Daily Phonics' activities (daily) and to write a sentence / caption at least 4 times a week, applying phase 2 and 3 phonics and spellings of tricky words. We would also encourage daily counting, addition, subtraction, pattern etc in a practical way (see home learning guidance) to help maintain their mathematical skills.


We have also set up a class blog on Purple Mash so that your child can keep in contact with their class friends whilst we are all away from school and each other. You can support your child to decide on what they would like to say and to find the keys on the keyboard so that they can type a little message. All blogs will be read first by ourselves before they are posted.

To access the Willow Class Blog, log on to Purple Mash. Click on 'Sharing' then 'Shared Blogs'. You will see 'Willow Class Blogs'.Click on this and you will be able to read any Blogs which have been posted and approved by the teachers.Your child can add their own blog for the teacher and class to see by clicking on the 'green +' tab. A box will then appear where your child can add a fun title, summary and message. Remember to save the post! We look forward to keeping contact with you all. Happy Blogging!


We hope you all enjoy the learning and time spent together. There are further suggestions about fun things you can do at home on the 'Home Learning Support' document. Please do have fun, making this a special time and remember to enjoy books and relaxed time together every day!

Keep safe

The Willow Team


White Rose Hub Maths

As a school, we use 'White Rose Maths' activities to support and enhance our maths planning. The White Rose Hub are putting together home learning resources; including worksheets, video guides and answers, for each year group. EYFS will continue to be updated. There is currently a great Easter egg hunt activity on there (which can be changed to any 'hunt' game, e.g cut up  wool (wooly worms), pieces of ribbon, socks, etc. to encourage learning about size, ordering, sorting, addition and subraction. Your child  can use pictures and numbers to record your workings in your home learning book. NB:  We are not expecting to see number sentences (sums) at this stage. A photo added to their home learning book or to Tapestry will be lovely to see. but not an expectton.

Please keep checking back onto 'White Rose Hub Maths; as more wil be added, weekly for home learning.

Contact the teacher

Or you can send an email directly to the class email address